Invitation to DIGI-B-CUBE workshop: Innovation challenges in medical diagnostics and how SMEs solve them

DIGI-B-CUBE is inviting interested companies or institutions to a workshop “Innovation challenges in medical diagnostics and how SMEs solve them” as part of the “Health Tech Hub Styria” event.
The session will be held on 28 January 2022, starting at 09h00 CET, and will focus on getting to know 5 of the European companies that have received funding from the DIGI-B-CUBE project. The companies will talk about the digital solutions for the medical diagnostics chain they developed as part of DIGI-B-CUBE. 
Meet the representatives of FlexSight s.r.l. (“E-Cast” project), Making Genetics (“DIPAP” project), SAS DicarTech (“DiCART” project), Wellola (“At-Home COVID-19 Monitoring and Triaging Platform” project) and IMcoMET (“MEDDICC” project), and learn how clusters can use cascade funding to support SME innovation and vice versa.
For more information about the event and free registration (until 27 January 2022), please go to