DIGI-B-CUBE: Invitation to general coaching workshops

In spring 2021, many SMEs used the DIGI-B-CUBE workshops to enrich their know-how on innovation-related topics. NOW WE ENTER THE FINAL WORKSHOP ROUND!

You want to find out more about European research funding, GDPR and data protection in health or patent searches? Then have a look at the upcoming workshops: 

29 September 2021
15:30-17:30 p.m.

Funding opportunities in Europe & partners’ identification

The objective of the session is to help companies identify European funding opportunities in the health sector as well as suitable partners to pursue these opportunities. The workshop will include a presentation followed by a Q&A period.

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12 October 2021
09:00-12:00 a.m. CEST

Practical approach to patent search with the free Espacenet tool

Participants will be introduced to patent searches with the “Espacenet” database . They will initially perform their own searches and will then be informed about practical tips and proper search approaches for their own independent use in their field of activity.

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16 November 2021

GDPR & Cybersecurity

This workshop on GDPR, Data Protection and Cybersecurity aims at supporting SMEs in the ICT and Life Sciences domain to prepare their projects for data protection regulations and duly protect their patients’ data.
The workshop will consist of two parts, the morning session will feature presentations and guidelines and the afternoon consultations in more specialised topics that SMEs will bring forward.

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2 December 2021
12:00-13:30 p.m. CET

How to manage an investment round: legal and financial aspects

Go through the typical process of an investment round and get an idea of how to successfully raise capital. Get to know the different types of investors and be guided through the usual steps by practical insights. Legal and financial aspects, preparatory and subsequent controlling will be covered.

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All workshops will be in English, online, free of charge and conducted by well-experienced experts from Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Spain.

To attend one or more of these workshops, please send an email to the workshop instructor listed under the specific workshop.