The Team behind Ci3

Christiane Wellié-Reeve - Communications Specialist

Christiane Wellié-Reeve is an experienced language, event and communications specialist supporting the Cluster in communications, event and project management. A translator by training, she also holds a master’s degree in international business administration and has many years of experience working in the life sciences field and as a freelance translator.

PD Dr. Andrée Rothermel - Advisor

7. Ci3 Clusterkonferenz, 14.03.2017, Mainz Lerchenberg

Andrée has been Cluster Manager until May 2020. While still supporting the Cluster, he is now the Chief Scientific Officer at TRON Mainz. Andrée has many years of experience in the development and validation of high-throughput screening technologies for drug and biomarker discovery and in professional project management. He holds a PhD in Biology from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. In 2008, he qualified as a university lecturer (Privat Dozent) at the Department of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology at Leipzig University. 

Michael Föhlings - Advisor

Michael is a practitioner in the financial management of international multi-site groups operating in manufacturing business environments and gained practical experience in restructuring and repositioning companies in Germany, Spain and the US. He joined TRON in 2011 as Managing Director, building up its financial and administrative structure. Michael holds Diplomas in Business Administration and Real Estate Management.