The Team behind Ci3

PD Dr. Andrée Rothermel - Cluster Manager

Andrée Rothermel has 10 years of experience in the development and validation of high-throughput screening technologies for drug and biomarker discovery. He has many years of experience in professional project management and holds a PhD in Biology from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. In 2008, he qualified as a university lecturer (Privat Dozent) at the Department of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology at Leipzig University.

Christiane Wellié-Reeve - Communications Specialist

Christiane Wellié-Reeve is an experienced language, event and communications specialist supporting the Cluster in communications, event and project management. A translator by training, she also holds a master’s degree in international business administration and has many years of experience working in the life sciences field and as a freelance translator.

Dr. Tobias Neumann - Project Manager

Tobias Neumann is an IPMA certified project manager. He has a scientific background and holds a PhD in Pharmacy from the Goethe University Frankfurt as well as a master’s degree in molecular biomedicine from the University of Münster.