DIGI-B-CUBE open call deadline 2 awarded projects

16 innovation projects involving 38 SMEs across the Health and IT industries will be funded.

The DIGI-B-CUBE consortium is glad to announce that the second round of voucher applications by SMEs was a full success. In total, 198 applications from a total of 450 unique SMEs were received in this second cut-off date (3rd February 2020). Applications were received from SMEs based in 35 countries, including all European Union member states and Horizon 2020 associated countries.

In line with the Open Call objectives, SMEs submitted 157 ideas for Customised Solution Innovation Voucher projects and 41 ideas for Prototyping Voucher projects. While the first ones foster cross-sectoral cooperation between SMEs to support joint development of a novel product or service based on an existing proven concept that addresses a digitalization challenge, the later aim at supporting the prototyping or conceptualising of a solution (e.g. with a proof of concept or feasibility study) for a digitalization challenge in the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains.

Detailed results corresponding to deadline 2 of the Open Call can be seen in the figure below.

The huge competition of good and excellent proposals required a strict selection of projects to be funded, based on the evaluation criteria defined in the voucher framework, involving both internal DIGI-B-CUBE reviewers as well as external experts.

In the next few months, 19 SMEs will be granted financial support to implement their Customised Solution Innovation Voucher projects with an overall budget of almost 1 Million Euros. In addition, 19 SMEs with an overall budget of 256 k€ will be financially supported by the DIGI-B-CUBE project to implement their Prototyping Voucher projects.

The full list of projects approved (including the companies involved and the countries of origin) can be found here:

DIGIBCUBE – Funded projects 2nd call (Download)

The project team thanks all applicants that contributed to this success story with their participation.