Research Assistant in RNA-protein interactomics (m/f/d) (#FBRA03)

The Institute of Molecular Biology gGmbH ( is a Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences, funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, and located in Mainz, Germany. IMB is part of the International PhD program in Mainz and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply to the upcoming call and continue as PhD students.

Studying translational regulation in human cells

RNA is bound by proteins which influence its localization, stability and expression. We have recently conducted a large-scale RNA fold-protein interaction screen by quantitative proteomics in yeast to identify RNA structures that are bound by RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). In detail, we screened the RBP interactome at 186 RNA folds determined by DMS-Seq and showing evolutionary conservation, suggesting functionality (Rouskin et al., Nature 2014). We identified more than hundred RBPs associating with these folds and subsequently characterized gene regulatory activity of some of them by a GFP reporter screen and pulsed SILAC. (Casas-Vila et al., Nat Commun 2020)

Here, we want to identify and further explore RBP functionality by a similar strategy in human cells. To this end, we will generate a GFP reporter system with GFP fused to thousands of evolutionary conserved RNA fold structures to monitor protein expression modulation by these folds. Coupling this assay to next generation sequencing, we will identify RNA folds that function in translational regulation. Ultimately, we will identify the RBPs interacting with these regulatory folds by quantitative interactomics possibly identifying new regulatory RBPs in human cells. This project will thus contribute to increasing our knowledge about translational regulation and characterize the involved factors.

We are looking for a student with a firm training in molecular biology techniques who is interested in modern omics approaches, such as next generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. Prior experience in omics workflows or data analysis is not required as training can be provided.

This 9-month research placement includes a fully funded scholarship to cover living expenses. The position is to be filled as soon as possible and available until filled. Interested candidates can apply until 31 March 2021 directly quoting #FBRA03. For further information please contact Dr. Butter ( IMB is an equal opportunity employer.

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